Pajarito Riding Club is a non-profit community equestrian organization in White Rock, New Mexico. Members enjoy social events, access to the Club Horse Arena and facilities, a forum for discussion on topics from trails to local help and laws.

We are a fun group of people and are currently looking for new members, especially youth and families. Read More.

If you are a member of the club, you can post to the website discussion forum, events and even post items you have for sale or want on the buy/sell page yourself.  All you need to do this is your member login.  If you have not yet received your login, please email info@pajaritoridingclub.com and we will send it to you.


at the home of Barbara Ramsay, 6 Erie Lane, Pajarito Acres.

We need to discuss trails within Pajarito Acres and Potrillo Canyon.  There is erosion and downed trees.

Beware of the new signs in Potrillo Canyon about using an alternate route through the big wash.  Also fence posts and wire have been installed between the first and second power pole along the road that is about 2/3 the distance to Water Canyon.  This is the road that was made into a fire break.  Laurie will check on this for us.

Happy Holidays to all and hope you can make the meeting.

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