Pajarito Riding Club Arena Rules

modified March 1999 (current as of February 2021)

1.  You must be a member of Pajarito Riding Club to use the Pajarito Riding Club Arena.  Membership categories are:

One-event membership–good for one riding club sponsored event, or one day’s use of the arena (obtain from club officer).  A liability release must be obtained from a Board member, signed and filed.

Single membership

Family membership–family is IRS dependency or primary residence within the member’s home.  Short-term house guests can participate when accompanied by a member.

2.  Equipment left in the arena can be dangerous to subsequent users.  For safety’s sake users must remove equipment (barrels, poles, jumps, etc.) from the arena immediately after use unless special permission has been granted through the Board.

3.  Schedule organized activities (classes, gymkhanas, shows, etc.) with the Board two weeks in advance of the activity.

4.  When members are using the arena for schooling on a nonscheduled basis, you must ask permission to enter the arena.  The member using the arena will have fifteen (15) minutes to complete his/her activity or permit entrance of another member.

5.  Donations may be solicited from regular users of the arena for maintenance of the arena surface.  These donations may consist of manpower or money if it is necessary to supplement the money the club allows for arena maintenance.

6.  For the safety of all members, continuing reckless and dangerous activity on club property will not be tolerated.

7.  Helmets and hardsole shoes or boots with a heel are required when mounted in the arena.

8.  Loose dogs are not permitted in the arena.

9.  Report arena problems to a Board member.