Notes from PRC 2024 Annual Meeting

Thanks to everyone who came to our annual meeting last night! We had a good turnout, great food, and fun conversation! Below are the notes from the meeting.

Note that membership fees are now due and that the rates have increased.

The membership and liability forms are attached (if you’ve already signed a liability form in the past, you don’t need to do so again). Also, note the fun group ride activities we have planned. Hope to see you out there! Until then, happy riding!

Notes from PRC 2024 annual meeting



Membership dues increase

The members present unanimously voted to raise membership rates to cover our fixed expenses (insurance, state operating license, and rent to PAHOA). The new rates, effective 2/6/2024, are as follows:

Individual: $50
Family: $85
One-day use fee: $20

Late-in-year dues:
If someone pays their membership dues
after Nov. 1, they will pay $20 for the remainder of the year + the full membership fee for the following year (i.e., $70 for an individual, $105 for a family).

Member fees for 2024 are now due! Please complete a membership form and drop it in the mailbox at the arena, or mail to: 

Laura Mullane
Treasurer, PRC
134 Piedra Loop
White Rock, NM 87547

Remember! In order to use the arena, you must be a member!

Planned activities

Pig & Fig ride
Saturday, April 6 at 10 a.m.

Meet at the arena for a group ride to Pig & Fig to pick up pastries, coffee, or anything else you’d like! We’ll pre-order our food and then ride down the paved path that parallels State Road 4. We’ll take pictures to send to the Los Alamos Daily Post to give the club and the restaurant some publicity!

Summer Solstice/Full Moon Ride
Friday, June 21 at 8 p.m.

Meet at the arena for a full-moon ride on the longest day of the year! We’ll head out to the Potrillo Canyon trails from there. (Rain date: July 21)

Los Alamos County Parade
Date TBD

Antonya S. will get information on the county parade and put out a call for any members who want to ride their horses in it. 

Maintenance projects and cost

The members present unanimously voted to pay from the Club’s checking account for the following:

Load of sand near the shed
Load of sand in the roundpen

We will get the sand and bring it to the arena. For the roundpen: A work party will be required to disassemble the panels and rake the sand (a tractor cannot fit in it). 

Estimated cost: $1,200-$1,300 for the two loads of sand.


Traffic cones will be attached to the drag outside the arena to discourage horses and people from walking into it. Cones will be donated to the club.

Estimated cost: $0

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